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The Annette Vance Team - Broker

The Annette Vance Team - Broker
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Get Your House Ready to Sell

June 2, 2014

Moving into a new home is exciting, but what’s not exciting is getting your current home ready to sell. Ironic that the very home you are tired of is the home you are trying to sell to someone else! Buyers like kitchens with dingy counters and bathrooms with outdated tile, right? Wrong. But renovating a house to sell isn’t as expensive or as tough as you might think. We’ve got tips from experts that help you put your money in the three most important places to get your home sold quickly. 

One of the most profitable places to put your money is in the kitchen. A family centres around the kitchen. At parties, everyone eventually makes their way to where the food is being made! Making this room attractive to buyers helps sell the home in a way other rooms can’t. Sandra Rinomato of HGTV’s popular show Property Virgins advises that “a lot of buyers cannot fathom the thought of renovating a kitchen and want a kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.” But if these aren’t in your budget, don’t worry. She says there are other options like recycled concrete or glass counters that are appealing to many buyers. Consider the sell price of your home and choose cost effective options. Even the professionals will tell you, don’t overspend!     

Secondly, the bathroom is a huge selling feature, but an overhaul isn’t necessary, unless you’ve got a room drowning in hideous avocado tiles. If you do, sink some money in that eyesore! Rinomato gives some practical advise about spending money in relation to your budget. “Don't take this as an opportunity to educate buyers in the newest design trends. Save that for your own home or a home that is an area that will support it.” Carla Woolnough, professional home stager and owner of Nex-Step Design, advises “updating outdated fixtures and countertops and removing old wallpaper.” Simple changes can really spruce up a room and give it a fresh feeling. And if you are willing to do some of the work yourself you can cut costs. 

Flooring and wall colours are the last major hiccups when selling a home. Smells and odours cling to carpet fibres. To save money, pull up the carpet and all the staples yourself. If you have hardwood flooring underneath, refinish if necessary. Wall colours pose a problem for many buyers too. Colours are an emotional choice for many people, and your colour choice may be the one that some people hate! Take emotion out of the equation and choose neutral tones that appeal and not horrify. “Buyers see a home with tired carpet, out of date paint colours and outdated wallpaper as needing too much work. So, why not do the elbow grease yourselves and rake in the cash?” says Rinomato. Make buyers feel at home right away by eliminating the stumbling blocks to a quick sale. Clean it up, chuck the old fixtures, and refresh the look of your house for an easy sale. You’ll be in your new place in no time!

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